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Nice Buns

Now that I have your attention let me tell you about Udi’s buns (the kind you can


Udi's Buns

I was sent hot dog and hamburger buns to try..and with summer around the corner we may have found the perfect solution for you if you are gluten free. I even got my husband to test them out with me. He is getting braver in his old years Winking smile. We froze the hot dog buns as suggested and took them out when we were ready to cook out. The above picture is from my husbands plate. We both agreed that the buns smelled amazing when we opened the package and my husbands opinion of them were that they were filling and had a great taste that most buns are lacking. I have to agree with him on that part. My only concern was that they get hard pretty quick and I am use to bread that melts when I am eating it. This is more like a kaiser roll. I think my husband was super impressed because he was figuring that it would “be gross” but he was wrong! I was not as much of a fan as he was but I think it could “grow” on me. I’ve just never had anything quite like it before.


I think with a little more testing I might be onto something I have already told you that I am addicted to the cookies they sent me. If you are looking for a good gluten free summer food option while cooking out, I would suggest giving this a try and tell me what you think. You can find them at Giant Food, Target or Trader Joe’s or check for stores near you on their site.


You can also check them out on Facebook and join in on the summer BUN-GO game.


Each participant will get their own BUNGO board, similar to a BINGO board. Each square has an associated task, such as answering a question about your favorite hot dog toppings. Once you complete a row, diagonal, or column of squares (i.e. tasks) you earn points toward Udi’s Gluten Free bun coupons and other barbecue essentials. If you complete your entire board, you’re entered to win a $500 gift card to one of the following retailers: Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, or Whole Foods.

What is that Foul Smell?

An ongoing issue between myself and a fellow co-worker over the smell of the condiments I use. I will be the first one to admit that I use mustard and hot sauce a lot and I have a stash of spices in my file cabinet at work (a girl can never be over prepared). I try not to eat “foul” smelling items at my desk. I will go to the cafeteria for that. I do the best that I can to make sure that I don’t offend the people that have to work near me. I will usually eat eggs and fish and anything with a garlic or heavy onion smell) away from my desk (that is courteous). I will eat chicken and ground turkey at my desk around lunch time or anytime after noon.


Now, I have been getting dirty looks now for a few months whenever I open my cabinet to use some spices (Mrs. dash), mustard or hot sauce. They do have a little smell but nothing crazy…or, maybe they do and I am the crazy one. Please tell me if I am crazy. The dirty looks are really starting to get old and I really don’t need attention or gawking while I try to eat. Yesterday I did not get any dirty looks because she was eating foul smelling Chinese food. I suffer in silence and don’t say anything…it’s days like this that make me wish I had tilapia or something else foul to share in the office smells.


I am not the only one that eats at my desk and the food smells around me all day are greasy chicken or French fries, Chinese food, fried fish…fried anything… makes me wonder if other people have the same issues that I do and how you handle it.

Give Me Some Sunshine

Where in the heck did this day go??? I had to take the day off work and deal with another court date..nothing much to tell because my daughter and her father skipped court. However, I did a a long weekend and I will have another long weekend coming up thanks for Memorial Day.

This weekend flew by but I had a good time and my new meal plan is giving me more energy..I’m really liking it for now and I have been introduced to avocados for the first time and I’ve been adding in some healthy fats for the time being. I don’t count calories but after telling my trainer what I was eating I realized how l really needed to add more calories to my day..they were way too low.

My workouts are a lot different also and my endurance is in major need of some attention. I will get back to where I want to be and I am already feeling a lot more confidant. On Saturday I did a interval workout on my home treadmill and I pulled my hair back for the first time in about a year and a half. It took a lot to pull it up but it made me feel good to know that my hair is finally starting to grow. My face was just starting to get red in this picture.

sweating on the treadmill

Look at my tiny little ponytail..would this constitute as a ponytail???

tiny ponytail

On Sunday I called an old friend so we could catch up with each others lives since we work for different companies now. I know that she is going through some of the same things I have and it was really good to talk and I hope that I was able to help her see things in a more positive light. I’m finally starting to come to terms with everything and I know that she is where I was about a month ago. It feels good to talk to her with a good head on my shoulders.

This was taken halfway through out walk..this picture really shows how much sun I

Give Me Some Sunshine

Today is my first day of my summer class for women’s health. My class is only 1 month long so I will be busy.busy.busy! Thank goodness for my iPad so I can try to get some things done during my lunch at work.

Are you taking a summer class?


Do you count calories?


How was your weekend?

Mean Girls


I did not realize how hard I am on myself until this past week. I got a major reality check when I was talking to my husband about something a girl at work told me. Let me take you back to Thursday night at my house. My husband and I were sitting about not doing anything and he brought up an old picture of my that he found from 2 summers ago and said “I was looking at the pictures from when were took the trees down and you have no idea..” BAM! I cut him off and said “yeah, yeah.I know, I’ve gained a lot of weight since then and I’m sick about it.” His reply was “never’re not even listening to me.”


Let’s move on..Friday during lunch I called my husband and I apologized for jumping on him the night before. He said “The only thing I wanted to say was that your hair was a lot longer back then and I miss it.” He also told me that there was no way he could tell about my weight because of the baggy clothes I was wearing back then. Ok, I get it! I really can be mean to myself.really..who needs enemies when you can be your own worst enemy? Right!?


I’m replacing those negative thoughts with more positive thoughts and I had a lot of time to think about things on my boring 90 min treadmill workout yesterday. It was good though because I was able to get in touch with an old friend I use to work with and we are going to catch up while walking on the bike trail today. It’s a rest day for me but walking is good any day of the week and meeting up with friends is good for the soul!


How do you push away negative thoughts?