I Caught a Big One and Wine Festival Fun
Ipsy September 2016
Dollar Store Fall Decor
Ghost Peppers 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

I Caught a Big One and Wine Festival Fun

About a week late on the daily vlog but I wanted to share I Caught a Big One and Wine Festival Fun with y’all. Last week Greg and I took the boat out to Piney Run for some fishing. We will call it successful because it was a beautiful day and I did catch something….

I Caught a Big One and Wine Festival Fun

Why does vacation time seem to fly by in a blink of an eye?! I had a lot of fun and spent most of the week relaxing. Staycations are the best! I have one more full week of vacation in November, and I would like to head up to Gettysburg for a ghost tour if possible.

Oh, if you are following me on Snapchat you would have seen that Greg and I went to the wine festival. It was the first one for us, and I had a blast. Greg kept count of the samples, and we had 109 each (although, I think he had more than me).

I used my iPhone camera instead of my good camera because who can hold a glass of wine and a camera? Apparently, it would not be me.

They had local bands playing and plenty of food to soak up all the wine. A lot of people were impressed when they saw I was taking pictures. I was making a shopping list, and there is no better way than to take pictures so you won’t forget the brands you like.

I would call the wine festival a success because we will get tickets next year too. The weather was perfect, and the people were nice. Oh, I have a cute bedazzled shirt too. Don’t you think it’s perfect?

They had so many to choose from, but this was the first one to catch my eye.

So, now it’s back to the daily grind. The weekend is almost here, and I will catch up with everyone this weekend. I hope all is well and check out the video version of I Caught a Big One and Wine Festival Fun.

Ipsy September 2016


I’m back and ready to share what arrived in the Ipsy September 2016 bag. I look forward to the new bags that come each month and so far I’ve been pretty happy with the program.

I will be the first one to admit that I’m not even close to being a pro when it comes to makeup, but I’m doing the best I can. It’s fun to check out the new colors and products that arrive each month. I did notice that the bag this month smells like Colorforms. I’m not sure if I’m showing my age with that comment.

In the eighties, we have books that came with plastic stickers, and they could be moved from page to page. The bag this month reminds me of that smell a lot. I mentioned it in this video, and so far a few people have said that I’m right about the smell.

So, I’m not going to take up much of your time with this video. I wanted to share at least what came in my bag and from the videos I’ve watched I did not get the same stuff as most other people.

The bag this month is cool because it takes me back to the eighties with the smell and the look and feel of this bag. When I decided to do the monthly service, my primary goal was to collect as many bags as possible. I do have an addiction to bags. Plus I love that I can have a separate bag for all my things.

If you follow me on my channel, you probably know I’m a little bit of a hoarder. Lol.

Dollar Store Fall Decor

We waited as long as we could to decorate for Fall, but couldn’t hold our much longer. I’m ready for the greens, reds, oranges, yellows and browns. I did a lot of dollar store home decor this year and most of the items we picked up a year ago.

Dollar Store Fall Decor

I’m really happy with the way the front entrance table looks. We just keep adding more to the table.  Even added some acorns from the oak tree in our yard. I love that we can decorate with things we already have around the house and yard. It’s all about using what you have and not going broke in the process.

* This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission on the sale.

We even picked up a few more Dollar Tree items that I will do a haul on soon and have uploaded on my main channel.

Greg and I also put a few things up and together that needed to be done. We bought some heart mirrors that we placed in the entrance way. I like that way they look.

I’m new to this whole decorating idea, and we are working on making this house a home. I don’t want to rush into buying stuff we won’t like, but so far the entranceway is coming along nicely.

Greg found a beveled edge mirror. So, we thought it would like nice in the entranceway right before you enter the hallway.

Yesterday we stopped at IKEA to get a desk for me that we could add in the office. I love it, and it’s exactly what I was looking for. We did not want a place where I could just pile things up. I was also looking for something plain and simple. It looks clean too. I decided on the MICKE white double workspace desk.

So, I will spend a good portion of the weekend getting my desk area together. In addition to all the house stuff we have are checking out different fishing spots in the area. The rules in Maryland are strict, so we have to decide where we want to take the boat because if we fish in certain areas we are restricted from other areas.

Once we learn more, we will let you know but for now, we are checking out the different spots so we can make a good choice.

The most recent place we checked out was Piney Run, and it’s so peaceful out there. A lovely place with lots of families.

It’s getting late so I will leave you with my Dollar Store Fall Decor vlog and I will be back tomorrow! So, check out the most recent video.

Ghost Peppers 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

I have proof that Ghost Peppers 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little bit but they sure are spicy, and I’m speaking from experience. Before we get into that whole thing, let’s start with Monday.

Greg and I took the boat out for the first time on Monday. I love going to the Catoctin Mountains because it’s so beautiful and peaceful. It’s the first time we’ve been able to take the boat out, so our primary focus was testing out the boat.

We took fishing gear with us for fun but did not think we would catch anything at the particular location. This is a massive tourist area, and we already know there are not much fish in the water up there. I’ve always loved sitting near the water and watching the waves. The sounds are calming, and I can just get lost in my thoughts. There is nothing better in my opinion. Nature has the effect on me.

We didn’t catch anything, but we did see some fish. I tried to get them with worms, but all they did was steal them from me. I guess I need to be quicker at it. They beat me this time. We both got a little sunburned so next time we need to be a bit more careful.

The day caught up to us pretty early, and we both were ready for bed before 9 pm. This is what happens when you get old. Lol

On Tuesday I finally took the ghost pepper challenge Greg pushed me to do. It was not as bad as I was making it out to be. Honestly, I like ghost peppers in dip and chili, but I’m not a fan of eating them plain. I made Greg’s son eat one, so it was only fair that I did the same.

Ghost Peppers 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins
It took me about two minutes to get up the nerve to bite it. Once I got up the nerve, it was not that bad. The pepper is spicy and from what others have said I did not drink anything, and that helped. When you drink after the pepper, it seems to intensify the burn.

I would do it again and next time I may eat a whole pepper. I’m sure Greg will make me eat a Carolina Reaper if he get’s them to grow. You do have to have a special something called CRAZY to deal with the pepper, and I’m convinced it’s 1 of the 7 deadly sins but what fun is life without a little sin?! Am I right?